Values and Know-How


Today, in order to guaranty its know-how, the Conserverie Davin invested in a brand-new work tool to develop the latest discovery in matter of canning process, the modern and flexible packaging: the pouch Doypack ®.
Its unique and light plastic wrap diminishes the volume of packaging, and limits its impact on our environment.

Combined with the mastering of organic raw products since 1988, the research and development department based its innovation on organic ready meals. Thus the company target the demand of products which respect the sense of sustainable development in the packaging and the content.

Our organic product VALBIO gives priority to the local suppliers of organic raw material. Our brand VALBIO is already present in several organic specialized shops.With the emergence of the Doypack ®, the conserverie Davin pursues its goal in matter of value: to offer a varied range in its “eco-friendly” and handy packaging and products

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