In 1981, after formal training at the Ecole de la Conserve de Paris, Serge Davin, started his food industry activity in the line of meat products.

Certifié AB The company, then located in a small processing plant in Sederon in the Drome Provencale, was transferred in the 1988 to Carpentras and diversify its activity to organic products.

Today the factory pursues its original activity: the production of sauces, terrines and prepared foods.

Pieds & Paquets (stuffed tripe)

The recipe for Pieds & Paquets appeared for the first time in the Clement Marius Morard cook book in 1888. However, it is evident that this was not at all a new preparation. The first trace of their existence goes back to 1476 at a dinner given by the canons of St. Trophime of Arles for the funeral of their colleague Etienne Roberti.

Their growing reputation inspired Blancard shortly before 1930 to write that they were “almost as famous as Bouillabaisse from Marseillaise”.

More that 500 years after the first writings about them, one can say that if there are things that last, the “Pieds & Paquets” is one of them.


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